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New Client Information    

What are the massage types offered?


All clients can either choose a traditional massage (some level of disrobing and use of massage creme)* or clothed massage. 

What is the difference?


The traditional massage will feature an element of disrobing and incorporate Swedish relaxation techniques and specific holds (see How I Work below) to achieve both a relaxing traditional experience and enhanced gentle deeper work provided by the holds. 


A clothed massage will  require you only lay down on the table fulled clothed (removal of shoes is preferred, but not required). I will use palpation and holds to work all the areas needing a reduction of muscle tension. This is still very relaxing and highly effective. It is best for highly detailed work on clients not comfortable with disrobing and/or those who prefer not have any massage medium used. It is also a great choice when disrobing is too difficult or painful due to shoulder pain or limited mobility. 

How we work


We will palpate** to ascertain what specific muscles or muscle groups need my attention to meet your needs. We will frequently stop and use holds (for example gently moving the scapula in a specific direction and holding it there for 20 to 45 seconds). During the hold you need only relax and breathe. You do not need to help or move anything yourself. Once the hold is complete we will recheck the area and either repeat, move on to a new area or use other techniques to archive the therapeutic goal of getting an area to relax. For example, while working the back, you will feel that we are stopping at an area, use a hold, move on, switch sides and often go back to area already worked. There is not a specific flow dictating that once an area is worked we move on to the next without revisiting.  As muscles relax, tension changes and an area may need to be rechecked and require further work to keep the entire area in balance.  This approach may be different than you are used to, but we find it effective. 


During your first visit, we will check in frequently regarding comfort level with the work. You are free to talk, ask questions or remain quiet during your session. We will follow your lead on this. On subsequent visits we will have a better idea of works best on your body and how to interpret your signals on what is comfortable. 

What those holds are called?

The holds we use are part of SMRT (Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique). The essential idea is to shorten the muscle so it can relax. The trick is for the therapist to shorten it for you. If the muscle is shortened because you contracted it, then SMRT can’t work. If you tense to help the therapist hold the joint into a specific position, SMRT can’t work. 

What equipment is used


Both of the treatment rooms have electric lift tables for both the therapist/client convenience and safety.  One of our tables can go very low and the other table can be widened for clients needing more table surface. Please let me know if you have special needs on either table surface or height so your appointment can placed the best treatment room.  


Each table has extra memory foam padding and a table warmer which can be used or turned off at the client’s request.  The treatment spaces are kept at roughly 73 degrees. Blankets and table warmer are all available at the clients’s request to ensure comfort of both the therapist and client. Please let us know if you need more or less heat to be comfortable. Preferences are noted in your client file.


Warm  moist towels are be added to the therapy where appropriate. They are typically used for traditional massage, but can use used on neck and extremities on a clothed massage if appropriate/desired. 

How client safety and COVID-19 are handled


We am masked at all times a client is in the office and during treatment. 

Each treatment room and the reception area have HEPA filter air purifiers operating during business hours. Due to COVID-19, the purifiers will not be turned off in the treatment rooms during a session.  Unfortunately, there can be no exceptions. If the white noise of the purifier is a concern, you will need to cancel your appointment. 


A humidifier is also running during business hours in each treatment room. 


Clients are generally placed in treatment rooms in a serial manner. For example, the after the first client’s treatment is complete in treatment room 1, the following client will be placed in treatment room 2. After each client, the treatment is cleaned and allowed to air out. 



* I do not use lotion or oil. I prefer massage creme due to its thicker nature and grip versus glide qualities on the body.  I will not use other types of massage medium or medium provided by clients as I do not know what is in the substance which may cause an allergic reaction to my skin.  If you require a specific type of massage medium we can discuss this several DAYS prior to the appointment.



** Use of hands to determine tension, muscle fiber direction and mobility of tissues.

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