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How big is a treatment room or classroom?

Treatment rooms vary in size. Rooms 3 and 5 are large enough for massage, private yoga or a Thai massage session. The classroom is 600 sq ft.It is suitable for classes of 12 or less. Fees vary for classroom rental, please contact the office for more details. 

How is hourly rent calculated?

 Each room is available for rent by the hour used. The fee charged is the amount of time the room is held by the renter, not the length of the session provided to the renter's client. For example, a 90 min session that with setup and teardown consumes 2 hours of actual time the room is occupied, will be charged 2 hours of rental. 

What is the hourly cost?

    Each hour is $10.

There is an option for a monthly rental with a bulk purchase of hours each month. For example,  a monthly fee is charged for 40 hours of rental per month at less than $10 per hour. Please note, unused hours do not roll over to the next month. Any hours over the bulk purchase will be charged at $10 per hour. The monthly fee is negotiated in advance and based on the number of hours needed. 

What is the rental agreement length?

The hourly rental has no obligation other than the hours rented.  If a longer rental arrangement is desired, please contact the office to discuss details

Who can rent a room?

  The rooms are only available to Yoga instructors, Thai practitioners, aestheticians or licensed massage therapists. In each case, the individual must be current with State licensure and insurance requirements that apply. Proof of required insurance coverage must be provided before renting a room.   Note:  if you offer any heated therapy you will need proof of additional insurance coverage. 

What is NOT included?

    You would be responsible for your own linens and massage medium. You are responsible for all of your own scheduling, payment collection and client interaction etc. The room decor CANNOT be changed nor anything removed from the room for the renter's use of the room.The renter is expected to return the room in the condition it was rented. 

Can I market myself in the suite?

    There will be space for your business cards in the lobby. 

What’s next?

    Fill out the form below to get started. There is an application/interview process to ensure a harmonious fit with the clinic environment and complimentary nature of services. Please have at least two credit/professional references that can be contacted. It is preferred that at least one professional references be local. 

Thanks for your interest. We will contact you very soon.

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