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Michael Carnes, B.S., L.M.T, M.M.P
SMRT Full Body Certified

I focus on pain relief.

Simply put, I will work with you to develop an approach that reduces your pain. I am also here to maintain that pain relief with regular therapy.  The work done will be unique to you, not a “cookie-cutter” massage given to every client. This will be YOUR massage designed for the issues YOU have. 


If you have tried others with poor results, you have have arrived at the right place. 

WHY Northwest Medical Massage?

Most think of massage as an experience on a cruise ship or a day spa.  My knowledge is utilized to develop an approach to your problem to alleviate YOUR pain. My singular focus is your pain relief. 

WHO is it for?

Are you in pain? Do you have neck pain, pain in the hip while walking, pain in the legs? If you feel you have tried everything and don’t feel like you got any better, I can help. 

HOW to stay pain free

If you have have been in a car accident or fell off a ladder you likely know why you hurt. However, many people don’t know why exactly they hurt. For many of us daily habits, how we sleep and how we age can play a role in our pain. Once I get you feeling better, my maintenance massage will help keep you feeling better. 


If you are curious what kind of specific work I do, please take a look at my New Client page. It has all the information about what to expect and how the work is done. 

Primary modalities of therapeutic practice include  SMRT (Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique),  Swedish Techniques and Myofascial Manipulation. 

Learn why I choose to enter the field of Massage Therapy.

See the Treatment Rooms

*After your doctor releases you from medical supervision.

** If legitgation is involved, your attorney/doctor must be involved.

*** Service animals are welcome in the treatment room.  


Need Gentle Pain Relief?

Release, Relax, Unwind


I use, almost exclusively, SMRT (Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique) in my practice to treat client issues. But what is SMRT? The essential idea is to shorten the muscle so it can relax. The trick is for me shorten it for you. If the muscle is shortened because you contracted it, then SMRT can’t work. If you tense to help me hold the joint into a specific position, SMRT can’t work.  The beauty of this technique is that you need to do nothing but relax. You don’t even have to be mentally present while I work. You need only to sleep, let the mind wander or meditate. In fact, letting go will only enhance the effectiveness of the work. 

Most of the techniques cause little to no discomfort.  There are a few exceptions depending on the issue being addressed, but pain is very rare for SMRT.  For the few more intense techniques, I can usually work around it till you are ready. 

It is very common for the muscles to continue to release for 24 to 48 hours after the initial work. Many clients report the effects of SMRT to last days, weeks or longer depending on the issue being addressed. 


I am here to help!

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Policy Policy


Bring 3 and Get 1 Free


Refer THREE Clients and You'll Receive ONE FREE 60 Minute Massage.


  • The referred client needs to let the therapist know who referred them. 

  • The referrals must be new clients to Northwest Medical Massage.

  • The referrals must book and complete their appointments i.e cancellations and no shows will not be considered toward your free massage.

  • This offer cannot be combined with other offers.

  • The three referrals must book directly with Northwest Medical Massage not through another service. 

  • The three referral appointments must be at full price (3-packs do qualify as full price).

  • The referred clients may choose from 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute appointments. 

Michael Carnes, LMT Owner of Affordable Massage Healing performing massag
Michael Carnes, LMT Owner of Affordable Massage Healing performing massag


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